GreenBelt Detour Dixie St 3/5/2021

‼️⚠️ CAUTION ⚠️‼️👷‍♂👷‍♂👷‍♂ Due to construction work on and around a short section of the Carrollton Greenbelt, the trail is closed between Roop Street/Elder Circle (past the Triangle Park) AND Dixie Street (section highlighted in red).

🚷 🚳 Please follow the DETOUR signs posted by The City of Carrollton, GA to find your way. The suggested detour (following the trail counter-clockwise) is to follow the turn right off the trail in front of the Carrollton Housing Authority’s office and follow the Dixie Street sidewalk (WEST SIDE of the street) to the first lights (Southwire Drive) and cross to the EAST SIDE of Dixie Street. Then follow the sidewalk to the GreenBelt Trail (across from Clinic Avenue and next to Tillman Eye Center).

👷‍♂️👷‍♂️👷‍♂️Please be cautious and watch for construction – utility work is being done along the west side of Dixie Street and crews are moving from place to place daily. Bonus: The main loop of the Carrollton GreenBelt turns right behind the eye clinic – but be sure to check out the new Tanner-to-Downtown spur just a few feet down Dixie!