Construction projects continue around the GreenBelt

The Carrollton GreenBelt is neighboring a few active construction zones. The trail has been removed in two spots: at the corner of Clinic Avenue and Dixie Street at Tanner Campus; and along University Drive (off Maple Street) at UWG Campus. Both sections will be re-opened once the construction is complete. In the meantime, please follow the GREENBELT DETOUR signs and exercise caution while passing the affected areas.

Tanner Detour Info

UWG Detour:

The affected UWG section starts just past the intersection with Aycock Drive (traveling counterclockwise, from the Row Hall building / Hobbs Farm Park, towards Maple Street / Hays Mill Park) and continues along Maple Street. To bypass the construction, cross University Drive, turn right onto the sidewalk, continue to Maple Street, and turn right. The Maple Street sidewalk will connect to the GreenBelt Trail before crossing West Ga Drive!

Coming from Hays Mill (clockwise) – follow the signs and stay on Maple Street sidewalk, cross and turn left onto University Drive, turn left at the Aycock Street intersection and follow the GreenBelt as it travels behind Row Hall.

🚷 🚳 Please follow the DETOUR signs posted by The City of Carrollton, GA to find your way.

👷‍♂️👷‍♂️👷‍♂️Please be cautious and watch for construction activity as crews move from place to place daily.